The Nautical Institute, a UK-headquartered international representative body for maritime professionals, has devoted the current issue of its popular magazine ‘The Navigator’ to explaining and championing the S-Mode concept.

Variations in the way different manufacturers display navigation systems have been a cause for concern for several years, prompting calls for a default setting across all models. The Nautical Institute strongly supports the introduction of a Standard, or S-Mode, setting on all systems. The adoption of S-Mode would reduce the risk of confusion when a navigator is faced with a system that they are unfamiliar with.

Integrated Navigation Systems (INS) were developed to combine and integrate navigation functions and information to assist seafarers in planning, monitoring, and controlling the safety of navigation. To make navigation systems even better, The Nautical Institute wishes to understand how you - the seafarers - are working with the equipment, so that we together can provide input to a more user-friendly design.

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Jake Frith