CGG’s prowess as a leading exponent of seismic survey services has been underlined with reports of the French organisation’s recent completion of near real-time imaging results for a 4,200 square-kilometre 3D operation offshore Morocco in only four days.

Operations following an earlier shot for the un-named client were carried out using the company’s 108-metre joint research-survey vessel, Geo Caspian.

Acknowledging the achievement, CGG’s CEO Jean-Georges Malcor says it surpasses a record in 2015 when the company delivered 1,700 square kilometres of fast-track depth imaging data in just nine days for another Moroccan offshore project on behalf of the same client. Elsewhere, CGG has recently acquired a broadband seismic survey of over 25,000 square-kilometres on behalf of the Gabon’s Ministry of Petroleum & Hydrocarbons in Africa.

The deep offshore survey forms part of an integrated geoscience programme said to cover one of the last under-explored areas of the West Africa Atlantic Margin.

By David Goodfellow