Offshore support company Van Stee Offshore has announced that its newest addition to the fleet, the DP2 MPSV ‘Zwerver I’ will be taken into service mid-June 2020.

In the past weeks a variety of tests and trials has been carried out to verify her unique capabilities and functionality. Just after her sea trials for class authority, Bureau Veritas, the vessel sailed to the Rotterdam Maasvlakte to conduct the bollard pull tests. The vessel managed to achieve an average bollard pull of 66T, with a maximum value of 69T.

During DP-trials and commissioning the vessel, equipped with eight thrusters in total, showed her capability with ‘astonishing results’ in different configurations. Main propulsion is from 2 x Caterpillar 3412e producing 537 kW each.

The vessel is capable of operating in DP2 mode with a draft of only 2.3 m, with six thrusters available, which makes her ideal for a variety of operations in high current tidal areas suiting her well to operations such as cable lay, cable repair, survey operations, ROV support and UXO clearance.

For operations in very shallow waters, two spud poles (Ø 1500 mm) are fitted to position the vessel during beaching-, diving- and cable lay operations. There is also a 4/5-point mooring system installed with wire capacities of 1400m anchor wire.

On board there is a comfortable accommodation for 58 including crew, which includes a large messroom, meeting room, client office and gym. VSAT and Sat-TV systems are available in each and every room/cabin. This system including entertainment system was delivered by Bampro.

On the bridge, there is a large survey desk including 19” racks, pre-installed monitor brackets, Clear-Com installation and many more. Bridge electronics are a mix of Simrad and Furuno products.

The vessel is equipped with 1 large Scaldon AHC knuckleboom crane which lifts 40T @ 20 m in Seastate 3 and 20T @ 27 m in maximum outreach. CT and manriding is included. The crane is equipped with a separate 5T auxiliairy winch and has connections available for additional hydraulic equipment such as a grab, pumps or other hydraulic equipment. The crane is equipped with communication equipment such as VHF, Clear-Com and PA systems. Survey screens are also available for the crane operator. On top of this, there are 2 HS Marine cranes installed, divided on deck to cover the entire 800 m² deck space. On the stern on portside, a 550Tm version, lifting 15T @ 20 m and in the centre of the vessel on portside, a 145Tm type, lifting 3,5T @ 20 m.

In the centre of the vessel, slightly over port side, a moonpool of 4.2 x 4.2m is integrated in the vessel’s hull. The moonpool has a removable deck cover, which fits flush on deck and a hydraulically operated bottom door. A second moonpool is located on starboard side close to the accommodation for survey operations.

On the stern, a stern roller of 8000 x 2000 mm is installed including a pair of Kooiman Delta Pins plus Fork.

For towing, anchor handling and eventual 5th mooring/pull anchor, a large 200T Kraaijeveld winch is fitted. This winch has the capacity of holding 1000 m wire @ Ø 64 mm, and has a holding capacity of 250 T. 2 additional 15T tugger winches are installed for anchor handling and mass flow operations.

Flush mounted container fittings have been added in deck on several locations. The railings/cargo rails are all removable. Deck strength varies between 10 and 20 t/m².

By Jake Frith