New SATCOM-enabled marine lanterns have been released that are more efficient and last longer than previous versions.

SL-C310 series

Sealite’s new SL-C310 series have a larger battery capacity and additional solar charging capability. Image: Sealite

Sealite’s new SL-C310 series, 3-5NM Solar Marine Lanterns are available in three chassis size configurations: compact, standard and extended. These models replace the SL-C310, 410 and 415 models.

They have a larger battery capacity and additional solar charging capability. The four premium-grade solar modules are integrated into the assembly and mounted to collect sunlight at all angles.

The SL-C310 series may also be fitted with the Satellite Communications Module or GSM Module – enabling users to access real-time diagnostic data and two-way monitoring and control through the Star2M portal.

The SL-C310 series is available with GPS Synchronisation as standard. Two or more lights can be synchronised to flash in unison via an internal GPS module.


Sealite has also released the SL-510-SA, the next product in the satellite-enabled SL-510 family. The high intensity 5-9NM lantern incorporates two-way global satellite technology, OLED display, Bluetooth connectivity and exclusive monitoring and control options via the Iridium satellite network.

The SL-510-SA is designed with enhanced LED optics and is a good option for customers who are specifying new AtoN systems, or as a replacement/upgrade for aging assets, said Sealite.

By Rebecca Jeffrey