After a period of installation, commissioning and testing, Manor Marine has opened its new bespoke 80 tonne vessel lift in Portland, UK to all customers.

The upgraded hoist system represents significant investment for Manor Marine

Manor Marine commissioned the bespoke North Sea Winches (NSW) hoist system as part of the company’s infrastructure improvement program, replacing a restrictive older system originally built in the 1940s.

The new hoist system uses the latest control technology, driving four synchronised winches connected to the refurbished drop dock platform; reusing the original platform permits the hoist to accommodate the main shed trolley system, allowing internal workshop vessel builds or refits to be launched easily. The bespoke design is complemented by an additional winch also supplied by NSW to assist with the control of larger vessel launches from the main workshop facility.

Leif Cooper, Managing Director at Manor Marine, said: “The upgraded hoist system represents significant investment for MM, enabling us to recover larger vessels more efficiently than we could previously. We have ongoing maintenance commitments to Manor Renewable Energy’s fleet of CTVs and this will allow for more versatile vessel recovery at short notice.”