Damen launches new DOP Dredger Series

The new Damen DOP Dredger Series makes use of the standard DOP 150, 200, 250 and 350, which have mixture capacities ranging from 600m3/hr to 2,400m3/hr

Netherlands based Damen Dredging Equipment has launched a new DOP Dredging Series following the success of the versatile DOP submersible dredge pump.

Damen has built more than 20 DOP dredgers on a one-off basis and some 380 DOP pumps. The DOP submersible pump has been successful because of a simple concept which is based on a well proven dredge pump directly driven by a hydraulic or electric motor, assembled in a rigid housing with the ability to attach to all kinds of specialised suction devices such as mining or cutter units. The DOP can also be easily connected to excavators, cranes, etc.

In recent years there has been greater demand for specialised dredgers from hydroelectric dam/water reservoir operators, sand mining companies and dredging companies carrying out sand winning for reclamation projects

“In the past we have had many requests for ‘ad hoc’ dredgers using a DOP pump, says Olivier Marcus, Damen’s product director dredging. “So we have listened to our clients and learnt from that. They told us mobility and a deep dredging depth was vital. The knowledge and experience we have gained over the years has now led to the development of a new standard series of DOP Dredgers focusing on maximum sand production at significant depths and practical transport and assembly due to the limited unit weights.”

The new Damen DOP Dredger Series makes use of the standard DOP 150, 200, 250 and 350, which have mixture capacities ranging from 600m3/hr to 2,400m3/hr. Due to the use of a submerged dredge pump the DOP Dredger can reach depths other dredgers cannot, capable of dredging to 100m. Damen is also introducing an all-electric version of the DOP Dredger, which is particularly suitable for dredging at hydroelectric dams.

Damen finds that dredging projects often take place in very remote areas, such as hydroelectric dams high up in mountains where road access is poor. The DOP Dredger is well suited to such conditions because it is easily dismountable and transportable, as its largest components are never bigger than the size of a standard container. Also, as it has limited weight it can be assembled by a small crane.

The Damen DOP Dredger Series can be delivered at short notice as the DOP pumps, power packs and pontoons are standardised and in stock. “We can have a fully built up dredger ready for the customer within a few weeks, says Mr Marcus. “Or, if the customer prefers, it can be built on-site or at a location of their choice.”

It is also possible to change the suction head depending on the nature of the project.

By Larz Bourne

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