UK-based ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer) is extending its coastal realignment Online Marine Registry (OMReg) to include a wider range of practical shoreline adaptation techniques.

The database now contains information on 139 implemented schemes across eight countries and includes shoreline restorations, “unmanaged” realignments and projects involving the beneficial use of dredged sediment.

“We first published our database online in 2005 in order to openly share knowledge with the wider coastal community,” explained Colin Scott, managed realignment and habitat creation specialist, ABPmer.

The site also offers an interactive map showing the location of the schemes, alongside general information about these different coastal adaptation measures.

“Our original initiative with OMReg focused on managed realignment and regulated tidal exchange schemes across North West Europe, and has proved to be a valuable management and research tool,” added Mr Scott.

ABPmer’s latest developments provide a collection point for a wider variety of shoreline adaptation projects from anywhere in the world. It says it hopes the service will be of more value to more people as a result.

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Associated British Ports (ABP).

By Rachael Doyle