Call for more CTV performance transparency

Seacat Intrepid CTV operational and performance data has a strong influence on procurement decisions, Reygar has said. Credit: Seacat Services

CTV operators are calling for more transparency around vessel performance as the market seeks to “level the playing field” in offshore wind support, a marine engineering company has said.

The drive for transparency comes in response to rising demand from offshore wind project owners for CTV operational and performance data, said Reygar. This data, which includes motion, engine performance, weather conditions and fuel consumption, has a strong influence on procurement decisions as owners look to increase “time on turbine” for their technicians, as well as the overall safety and cost-efficiency of their projects.

Operators including Seacat Services, CWind, Tidal Transit, High Speed Transfers, and Maritime Craft Services have found data monitoring through the BareFLEET system offers an opportunity for commercial development, stated Reygar.

Being proactive

“We’ve seen the wide-ranging benefits that the digitalisation of operations has had for turbine owners and operators. Rather than waiting for standards to be imposed, it’s time for vessel operators to be proactive in showing their commitment to performance and operational transparency,” said Ian Baylis, managing director of Seacat Services.

Tom Nevin, managing director of High Speed Transfers said that BareFLEET can be tailored to focus on issues such as the effect of weather conditions on crew transfers. This data can then be compared with engine health and fuel consumption to best assess fuel efficiency.

To date, supplying data has been seen as a ‘check-box’ requirement and vessel operators have been cautious of the perceived commercial risk of opening their data to the market and the cost of gathering and processing the necessary operational data.

By Rebecca Jeffrey

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