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Multiple improvements have been brought with the new Star2M R1.6.3 update to improve functionality and efficiency.

Sealite subsidiary Star2M’s update includes an ‘Alarm Configuration’ feature to enable customisation of untitled alarms.

Country code for Mobile phone numbers and GSM numbers are now shown correctly and retained in the system; GPS coordinates of the Asset location are now displayed in the ‘Geolocation’ column in the ‘Real Time Data’ tabs, as well as the Data Updates modal window; and empty values for Load Current and Charge Current are now shown as ‘Unknown’ in the data updates modal window, the ‘Real Time Data’ tab and the ’24 Hours Data‘ tab.

The update has fixed the bug regarding the ‘Charge-Instantaneous’ value being shown in the ‘Max Charge-24hr’ column in the ’24 Hour Data’ tab; fixed the voltage scaling on the Y-axis of the graphs in the ‘Real Time Data’ and ’24 Hours Data’ tabs; resolved the system error issue when creating Asset Groups; and resolved the issue with ‘Export to Excel’ function for both the ‘Real Time Data’ and ’24 Hours Data’ tabs

‘Max Control Msgs’, ‘Alarm Reports’ and ‘Batch Enabled’ parameters have been removed from the ‘Data Plan Subscription Details’ modal window.

By Rebecca Jeffrey

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