Panda producing more powerful pods

A simple installation would see the electric motors mounted in place of the rudder
A simple installation would see the electric motors mounted in place of the rudder
Fischer panda's power range now up to 100kW at 400V DC
Fischer panda's power range now up to 100kW at 400V DC
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Fischer Panda has extended its product range to include high voltage propulsion systems offering powers up to 100kW writes Dag Pike.

The new pods are in compact units that can be fitted to the vessel as inboard motors or as fixed or azimuthing pod drives.

These Fischer Panda high-voltage and higher power propulsion systems are based on their EasyBox concept which covers the complete installation and all its components thus simplifying the work for installers. It also ensures that all the components of the system are compatible and come from a one source supply thus ensuring reliability.

Fischer Panda, who claims to be the only manufacturer that offers electric propulsion up to 20 kW power and 320 Nm torque for low voltage operation has extended its product range to include these new high voltage systems that provide up to 100 kW mechanical power. The EasyBox concept is Plug & Play, which makes the installation of an electric propulsion system easy, safe, reliable and cost effective. The use of this system has been extended to the new more powerful electric motor installations which will operate at 400V DC.

The advantage of the higher voltage systems is that it allows the components of the system to be reduced in size. By operating the system at 400 volts both the motors and their connecting components can have reduced dimensions compared with low voltage systems. This also applies to the wiring of the installation where smaller gauge wiring can carry the same power and this makes the installation simpler and easier to put together. However this higher voltage does come with some risk and the installation has to be carried out to the highest standards with no exposed terminals and it has to be fully protected from water. Fischer Panda claims that the EasyBox system can ensure the right level of safety and security to meet these high standards.

With the extended power range up to 100 kW at 400V DC, Fischer Panda can meet the demands for electric propulsion for a wide variety of commercial vessels such as ferries, commercial workboats and harbour craft. The propulsion units can be installed in a variety of ways to meet the vessel requirements with the same design of drive unit being suitable for installation as a convention shaft drive system as well as being used as an external pod drive in both fixed and azimuthing form.

The motor units can also be installed as a parallel electric drive in combination with an internal combustion engine. Here the electric motor is connected to the shaft line so that it can provide an alternative quiet method of propulsion with power from batteries or it can be used to supplement the power of the internal combustion engine. For larger craft two of the electric motors can also be attached to one drive shaft in parallel using a gear-box.

When the electric motor units are to be used as a pod drive for installation outside the hull these can be fixed units performing a similar function to a shaft drive system but the most likely choice will be for the pods to be used in conjunction with an azimuthing drive. Whilst Fischer Panda does not supply the full azimuthing drive system or controls the attachment point for mounting the motor are designed to facilitate this. A simple installation would see the electric motors mounted in place of the rudder in single or twin form with thrust direction controlled by the steering gear.

Almost all types of batteries can be used with Fischer Panda's propulsion systems and the company is also planning larger systems that operate without batteries, using only a DC generator as power source.

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