PM motors deliver market leading efficiency

The successful sea trial in April 2018 of the new fish farm service vessel
The successful sea trial in April 2018 of the new fish farm service vessel
Veth Integrated l-Drive installation
Veth Integrated l-Drive installation

Danfoss (formerly Visedo) has successfully designed and delivered two Danfoss permanent magnet electric motors (EM-PMI) with synchronous reluctance-assisted technology for Veth Propulsion.

Both the liquid cooled Danfoss EM-PMI Motors with synchronous reluctance-assisted permanent magnet technology have been combined with Veth’s technology to create the first Veth Integrated L-drive, for Damen Shipyards’ Volt Processor, a fish farm service vessel.

The new electric motor – the most compact on the market today - is half the size of conventional induction models. This lighter motor and its improved overall efficiency has helped reduce both fuel and running costs, which significantly shortens the payback period.

The Danfoss Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor improves the efficiency especially when the vessel is running at average speed – so not at maximum power but rather at part load - which is typically the working speed of most vessels.

Martin van der Jagt, General Sales Manager at Veth Propulsion said "The new vessel we have delivered to Damen Shipyards is the best on the market and the Danfoss motors we added into the Integrated L-drive are a key part of this. The successful sea trial in April 2018 of the new fish farm service vessel confirmed that the technology we have delivered is the best around, and this is evidenced by the five percent efficiency improvement. The diesel-electric configuration provides an efficient, flexible power supply for the 750kW propulsion installation and for driving the deck equipment when moored within a salmon farm."

Aside from the smaller size, the other important advantages of the Veth Integrated L-drive are the hydro-dynamic design and efficiency. The liquid cooled Danfoss PM Motor is more efficient and quieter than air cooled asynchronous motors. The Danfoss EM-PMI motor has been designed to improve the whole operational duty cycle of the vessel; this means the exact power can be provided for both long and short movements, and different speeds and payloads. The focus on providing very smooth torque means the motor operates with extremely low vibrations and noise.

Kimmo Rauma, Vice President at Danfoss Mobile Electrification said "Danfoss' close working relationship with Veth Propulsion enabled the successful delivery of the Danfoss EM-PMI Motors. The addition of this technology to create the Veth Integrated L-drive has enabled the delivery of a lighter vessel that is a significant five percent more efficient for Damen Shipyards; and the saving also enables a very short payback time.

We look forward to continuing our close working relationship with Veth, and the successful delivery of three further projects in total this year. We are also working to supply our proven Danfoss EM-PMI Motors to the wider marine market so that more vessels can benefit from the same improved efficiencies and fuel savings."

Earlier in the year the Visedo engineering team was awarded this year’s Finnish Engineering Award in recognition of the team's work to develop and implement Editron, an intelligent electric drivetrain system for heavy duty vehicles. Editron delivers maximum efficiencies across the off-highway, marine and transportation sectors.

The winning team includes Founder and CEO Kimmo Rauma; Chief Technology Officer Tero Järveläinen; Electronics Design Manager Matti Iskanius; Software Architect Antti Tarkiainen; and Software Architect Risto Tiainen. The team was presented with a certificate of honour and prize money of 30,000 euros.

In November 2017, Visedo Oy was acquired by Danfoss Group. Visedo is now part of the Power Solutions business segment, as 'Danfoss Mobile Electrification'. The company is now ideally positioned to meet growing global demand for electric solutions that can help to eliminate pollution.

By Jake Frith

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