Project aims to help electrify maritime

batteries Echandia Marine will provide the battery system for the 'Power as a Service’ concept. Image: Echandia Marine

A pioneering partnership to speed up the introduction of fossil-free electric passenger ferries is helping to inspire confidence in electric maritime transport.

In July 2019, Vattenfall and Echandia Marine announced their partnership and the ‘Power as a Service’ concept, which is being rolled out in Sweden, with plans for expansion into the rest of Europe. Power as a Service is designed to overcome the challenges of adopting new technologies and facilitate their introduction by reducing risks and cost to the end user.

Echandia will provide the battery system, whilst Vattenfall, with its extensive experience in owning and maintaining electric power plants, will own and manage all electrical equipment onshore and onboard, including charging station, battery system, Echandia E-LTO battery system and drivetrain.

Useability is important

Magnus Hall, CEO of Vattenfall, said: "It is very important that we show that this concept works in reality. Power-as-a-Service gives Vattenfall responsibility for that we know best; the drivetrain, batteries and electrification, both onboard and onshore.

“If we can apply this concept to larger vessels as well that will take us further towards our goal - a fossil-free world.”

Norway, the world-leader in maritime battery solutions, is working to become the first country to electrify coastal transportation, replacing fossil fuel energy with renewable sources.

In Sweden, concerns about the upfront costs and uncertainty of introducing new technologies, along with a lack of economic incentives, has slowed the introduction of the newest maritime technologies, even as Swedish companies have a pioneering role in the sector.

By Rebecca Jeffrey

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