Seawork Conference speakers announced

Seawork Conference Seawork Conference 2017.

The Seawork Commercial Marine Conference will be held in the Knighthood Conference Village on the 4th July. This year’s programme covers a variety of pertinent topics, focusing on two key areas for workboats now and in the future; USV – Commercial Applications for Unmanned Vessels and Hybrid Marine Propulsion – The Drive For Change. Book your place today to secure the early bird discount of 15%.

As well as representatives from big hitters on the technological side such as Veth Motoren and AEUK, this year’s speakers also include a healthy selection of those leading the charge to get to grips with the regulatory side, such as the MCA and ShipOwners Club. After all, there is a strong and growing argument that such technologies are advancing so rapidly in terms of what is technologically achievable, it will be a soon outdated regulatory framework that needs to play catch-up.

The Seawork Commercial Marine Conference early bird 15% discount ends on Thursday 7th June 2018, so book now to avoid missing out!


9.00       Welcome Address: Chairman (Dan Hook, Senior Director - Business Development, ASV)

9.05       (Dr Katrina Kemp, Smart Ships & Automation Policy Officer, MCA)
“Autonomous and smart shipping is advancing quickly. Regulators need to enable innovation while ensuring safe, secure and environmentally sound operation. The sector is still finding its feet in this area and Katrina will describe early progress on regulation, both nationally and internationally. She will also discuss the government’s emerging vision for smart shipping, highlighting the importance and need for collaborative working with and across industry.”

9.25       Long range, Long Endurance USV Operations – The Challenges (Ifor Bielecki, Director, Sea-Kit)
“To truly maximise the real benefits of unmanned surface operations, there is a need to take advantage of the very nature of an un-crewed vessel by remaining offshore for long periods and operating in a way that crewed vessels cannot do without placing human crew in harm’s way or creating a working environment that is unsustainable.”

9.45       Southampton Solent University and Rolls-Royce launched collaborative Research and Development (R&D) to support the unmanned and partially autonomous operation of marine vessels
(Gordon Meadow, Associate Professor, Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering)
“Running from Autumn 2016 to Spring 2018, the focus was on applying immersive technologies to enable the engineering crew to perform typical duties required for continuous vessel operation at a remote location rather than in situ. “

10.05     ‘B0’ – a conditionally and periodically unmanned bridge (Philip Lawson, General Manager – Marine and Ports UK, ABB)
“The recent development in sensor technology, data analytics and computing power enables to increase the level of automation in ship navigation, steering and control. As a basic definition an autonomous vessel is not necessary unmanned but an unmanned vessel is, by default, autonomous to a high degree.”

10.25     USV and GPS Denial (Hongjie Ma, Research Fellow with the Institute of Industrial Research & David Brown, Director of the Institute of Industrial Research, University of Portsmouth)
“Unmanned systems such as Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Surface Vessels rely on satellite derived information from global positioning system (GPS), and this information is crucial element for the automated operations of these unmanned systems. “

10.45     Break

10.55     Liability Risks and insurance solutions for autonomous vessels (Paul Grehan, Underwriting Deputy Syndicate Manager – Americas, The Ship Owners’ Club)
“The introduction of autonomous vessels into commercial operation poses challenges and risks for ship owners and operators. How will the liability risks owners face change and how can their insurers help?”

11.15     The Robots are coming! Autonomous Systems to Support Offshore Renewable Operations (Simon Cheeseman, Sector Lead, Wave & Tidal Energy, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult)
“The UK Government’s £90miliion Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund recognises the importance of developing Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for extremely harsh environments and the need to develop UK specific skills and related technology.”

11.35     The AEUK approach to modular unmanned systems (Sarah Brown, BA(Hons) Oxon, MIMA, CMath, Product Manager, AEUK)
“AEUK lead the defence market in the delivery and operation of Unmanned Surface vehicles for Mine Warfare and ASW having delivered a number of platforms to international customers. AEUK will present their approach to modular unmanned systems and explain some of the principles which have resulted in a more affordable product for the customer requirements”

11.55     Close

13.00     Welcome Address: Chairman

13.05     The Hour of Power (John Haynes, Shock Mitigation)
“The Hour Of Power - Hybrid Technology for Workboats, Patrol Vessels and Superyacht Tenders”

13.30     The Marine Sustainability Revolution Has Begun. It’s Time to Get Aboard. (Dr. Christoph Ballin, co-founder and CEO, Torqeedo GmbH)
“The sustainability revolution, which is sweeping across the globe, is having a major impact in the commercial marine marketplace, and its momentum is accelerating, driven by regulatory, technology and market forces.”

13.55     World’s most compact electric propulsion solution (Martin van der Jagt, General Sales Manager, Veth Propulsion)
“The first integrated L-Drive was delivered to Damen Shipyards’ Volt Processor (Utility Vessel 4312, Remoy Management AS). This paper shows the results of this sea trial.”

14.20     Emissions and Noise – the Drive for Change and Hybrid and Windfarm operations (Anne Duncan, CEO, Ecospeed)
“It is no secret that shipping in general is a greater polluter than trucks and cars, but the legislation to limit this has been slow to come. At COP22 already in Marrakesh in 2016 a study found that 90,000 vessels consume 5 million barrels of fuel a day and it is calculated that by 2050 this would increase by a factor of 5 rather than decrease if legislation Is not brought in. The sulphur cap due to come into force in 2020 is already causing boatbuilders to scramble for a solution.”

14.45     Break

15.10     Pilot boats: a hybrid option (Tony Birr, Consultant, Goodchild Marine Services Limited)
“There is a well published requirement for our ports to reduce their carbon footprint year on year. Goodchild Marine Services Limited now offers ports and other commercial operators the option of a Hybrid Boat, including the ORC HY Pilot Boat.”

15.35     Workboats – are hybrid propulsion systems the future? (Dr Dennis Doerffel, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, REAPsystems Ltd)
“Environmental concerns and standards are rising. Global warming is related to fossil fuel consumption. Health is related to emissions, noise and vibration. Operation costs, redundancy and reliability are becoming increasingly important in the workboat markets. The car industry is showing how electrification of propulsion systems either in the form of hybrid or pure electric can address all those concerns and offer additional benefits too.”

16.00     Tomorrow’s power solutions for marine applications (Tim Munn, Head of Sales & Marketing, Marine & Ports UK/Ireland, ABB)
“Applying a variety of power storage solutions to give shipbuilders, owners and operators unprecedented flexibility when building and operating vessels. Energy storage and hybrid ship – How does it work?”

16.25     TBC

16.50     Close

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