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Mr Huxley-Reynard: “We’re a young company, but we’re at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) way of gathering data Mr Huxley-Reynard: “We’re a young company, but we’re at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) way of gathering data"
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This was the first Seawork for control and monitoring expert, Reygar Marine Systems, and it unveiled its brand new workboat fleet management system developed to help maximise the operational effectiveness of fleets.

BareFLEET software uses cloud technology to connect to a vessel’s equipment to gather critical data on equipment status, fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions, vertical heave and vibration.

And the system takes all of this complex data and presents into daily or weekly tailor-made vessel and fleet reports for maintenance engineers, fleet operators and the boardroom. Live status of vessels can also be viewed via a web portal.

“This is really important for two reasons, firstly to tackle potential problems before they happen to avoid downtime and secondly, to look at trends which may help provide fuel and efficiency savings,” Chris Huxley-Reynard, managing director and founder of Reygar Marine Systems, told Maritime Journal.

He told MJ that the software also allows ship engineers, boat builders and even OEM suppliers to drill down into high performance and alarm data for diagnostic, verification or warranty purposes. BareFLEET can also connect to third-party Planned Maintenance Systems if required.

“It allows fleet operators to demonstrate they’re meeting their contractual obligations whilst taking suitable care of all personnel on board. BareFLEET does this automatically, leaving skippers free to concentrate on operating the vessel,” Mr Huxley-Reynard added.

Mr Huxley-Reynard told MJ that what makes BareFLEET different from other fleet management systems out there on the market is the way in which it presents the data. The focus is squarely on presenting it simply so that operators can actually use it to proactively manage their fleets.

“We’re a young company,” Mr Huxley-Reynard said, “but we’re are at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) way of gathering data. Because we realise the emphasis should be on what you do with it, BareFLEET presents comprehensive data in a simple way and this is its unique selling point.”

He pointed out that although the technology has only just been launched, it is already being used by wind and crew transfer operators to manage their fleets – namely the Port of London Authority (POLA) and CTruk. A variant is also being used by Marine Craft Services.

There’s another attractive selling point to the software, it provides transparency for the operator who can then use the data to market their expertise to their customers.

Mr Huxley-Reynard developed the system in partnership with his colleague Felix Francis, technical director at Reygar.

Both have spent 15 years working in the tidal turbine industry with extensive experience of the challenges involved in deploying innovative technology in the marine environment.

By Anne-Marie Causer

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