Seawork Innovations Showcase 2018

ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision
ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision
Full fly by wire twin jet drive installation onboard the prototype 10.3 Flugga Boats crew transfer vessel
Full fly by wire twin jet drive installation onboard the prototype 10.3 Flugga Boats crew transfer vessel
Digital Yacht's AISNET+
Digital Yacht's AISNET+

Located in a prominent area of Seawork, the Innovations Showcase, sponsored by British Marine, will provide visitors with the opportunity to see the latest in equipment, services, projects and vessels introduced by exhibitors during the past year.

Each entry is in with a chance to win the overall 'Spirit of Innovation' trophy, as well as individual category awards.

The Innovations Showcase, as part of the European Commercial Marine Awards (ECMAs), is judged in various categories, and an Award and Certificate of Commendation will be presented to the winner of each category.

Categories include:

Vessel Design & Construction

Marine Civil Engineering & Construction

Marine Equipment, Electronics & Materials

Diving & Underwater Technology

Renewable Energy

Safety & Training

To celebrate the 21st year of Seawork, there will also be a Young Person’s Development Award, which will see Mercator Media award a bursary (worth up to £850 or equivalent value in relevant currency) to help one young maritime professional further advance their studies, training, or career.

Maritime Journal takes a closer look at the Innovations Showcase entries for 2018 (entries correct at time of press):


ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision

The ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision uses avirtual model of the ship superimposed on real surroundings measured using various sensor technologies, making it possible to monitor the vessel and its surroundings from a birds-eye view and switch to other views instantaneously.

Stand no. PG123


Small Boat Network

The Small Boat Network from Actisense is an ideal solution for small NMEA 2000 Networks. It is designed and manufactured with the same high standards that has earned the Actisense A2K range a solid reputation in the industry.

Stand no. PY123

Avon Protection


At the heart of Avon Protection’s MCM100’s innovation is its world leading advanced electronics package, enhancing diver safety and enabling the diver to focus on tasks and not the management of the dive system.

Stand no. PY45


The Baltic WindTech Lifejacket has been custom designed for the very specific needs and requirements of those working in the Offshore Windfarm industry.  A fall arrest harness is a requirement for those working in the industry, and this lifejacket has been designed so that the waistband, harness and backstraps do not impede the wearer. From the outset, the design of the jacket has been in conjunction with one of the largest suppliers to Offshore Windfarm industry, Windfarm Equipment. All aspects of the jacket have incorporated their requirements to create this unique lifejacket.

Stand no. PY31


A new transparent boat brokerage product available in the commercial market, based on a highly successful existing leisure boat formula that has sold over 20,000 boats. The product uses web based technology including machine learning, big data and virtual reality to make buying a vessel easier.

Stand no. tbc

CA Clase (Distributor)

The LT-3100 Iridium Communications System is a maritime satellite communication product from Lars Thrane A/S. The LT-3100 system is designed for the professional market (deep sea, fishing, and workboats). The LT-3100 system meets all standards and certification requirements needed for worldwide maritime satellite communication equipment. The LT-3100 system has voice and data capabilities with 100% global coverage. The LT-3100 system consists of a control unit, handset unit, and antenna unit. A single cable coaxial connects the control unit with the antenna unit. Using a standard coaxial cable, up to 500 metres of separation between the units can be obtained, giving freedom to mount the antenna in the best possible location, with free line of sight to the satellites.

Stand no. PG63


ODEO Distress Flare

The ODEO Distress Flare is an innovative alternative to the pyrotechnic red handflare. The product reduces the risk of potential burns or damage to a user or liferaft. It uses LED technology to display a red flicker for distress whilst also displaying the internationally recognised SOS signal.

Stand no. N/A

DanVolt Ltd

Tough Plus Solar range

SUNBEAMsystem Tough Plus solar panels represent the absolute latest marine grade solar technology to be found. They have a UV-Proof Anti-Slip Surface and have an impressive efficiency of 23.7% on average, resulting in a 13% higher output than previously available.

Stand no. PB79

DanVolt Ltd


DanVolt’s new SMART LITHIUM battery has been designed to solve all the problems previously found on other batteries available today. It is highly efficient, fail proof, easy to install and very user friendly.

Stand no. PB79

DanVolt Ltd

VAKE Organic anti-freeze

VAKE Organic Anti-freeze liquid is produced from natural, biological material under the same pharmaceutical control as used for food additives.  Unlike Propylene glycol or Ethylene glycol, VAKE is completely safe for humans, animals and nature.

Stand no. PB79

DanVolt Ltd

Gobi Dry Dehumidifier

GOBI DRY Brick is a standalone, miniature dehumidifier that uses water-absorbing crystals to indicate the degree of moisture held inside. The crystals are completely safe to use and are recharged by plugging the brick into a 240v power source.

Stand no. PB79

Digital Yacht Ltd


AISNet makes monitoring of AIS ashore economical and easy to install with its patented ZeroLoss built in antenna splitter allowing it to share the VHF antenna of an existing installation. It also has local network access allow for all installation scenarios and shares data with services like MarineTraffic.

Stand no. Q30

Digital Yacht Ltd

4G Connect

4G Connect provides a low-cost solution for users up to 20NM offshore without the need for expensive satellite systems. It can also allow on board NMEA engine and navigation data to be viewed remotely onshore opening up a host of remote logging and management applications.

Stand no. Q30


Dometic CoolFreeze CFX 75DZW

Representing the next generation of portable coolers, the dual-zone Dometic CoolFreeze CFX 75DZW compressor unit offers quiet, highly-efficient and powerful performance for more flexible cooling and deep-freezing options.

Stand no. PG131

Fibrelight CQC

Self-Recovery Ladder

The Self Recovery Ladder has innovatively evolved into a unique recovery system incomparable to anything else on the market. The ladder is lightweight, great value and requires no servicing making it an ideal product for any single handed or limited crew vessel.

Stand no. PB139

Flugga Boats

Full fly by wire twin jet drive installation

A new full fly by wire twin jet drive installation has been installed onboard a new crew version Flugga Boat using twin Hyundai Seasall 270J V6 diesels. It’s the first public showing of the Prototype 10.3 Flugga Boat crew transfer vessel which uses the HDPE collar developed by Unst Inshore services.

Stand no. VA29

GreenOil Standard ApS

GreenOil series

GreenOil’s unique innovative series of off-line oil filtration systems which use compressed and woven sheep’s wool filters oil are designed to improve operational stability of equipment and to save on maintenance and oil replacement costs.

Stand no. PY89

Hull Vane B.V.


RPA-8 is a hybrid-propulsed harbour patrol vessel built by Kooiman Shipyards and designed with the goal to minimise fuel consumption by 40%, emissions and wavemaking.

Stand no. PG41

Landau UK Ltd


Lifecord is apparently the only 'smart' kill cord incorporating detection technology designed to trigger an audible and visual warning alarm should it be connected to the boat's kill switch but not the pilot.

Stand no. PG11

Norcom Technology Limited


WeatherTrack is a seven-day weather prediction application for PCs covering the Shipping Forecast Areas. The weather information is available on an annual subscription basis and is automatically downloaded onto a PC is when it is connected to the internet.

Stand no. SB53

NRG Marine Ltd


NRG Marine is the first company to make an ultrasonic antifouling system specifically for commercial vessels. Soni8 is a fit-and-forget antifouling solution for any solid surface that is exposed to raw seawater. Soni8 can protect everything from intakes to pipework.

Stand no. PO97

Reygar Ltd


Digital DPR automates the process of daily reporting of vessel activity by gathering live info entered by the skipper and turns this into comprehensive daily vessel reports available on shore. It is aimed at fleet operators with a view to significantly reducing their reporting burden.

Stand no. PO67


SafeTrx Mariner

The 2018 SafeTrx Mariner release includes two innovations, open architecture supporting the integration of Internet of Things devices and the digital ‘Flag Alpha’ which marks the location where divers are and automatically creates a geo-fenced area to notify other vessels that there are divers down.

Stand no. PY23

SHOCK-WBV by Sea Sure

The SHOCK-WBV: C-series

SHOCK-MIT’s C-series reshapes design ideas for commercial / leisure seat suspension units to help prevent injury from shock, vibration and reduce fatigue from long stints on the water. It’s lightweight and tough and available for new or retro-fit.

Stand no. Q32


The Defender Beast

The Defender Beast has pioneered the way in big battery performance for smartphones with 6,150 mAh, 3 times the size of normal smartphone battery capacities, 16 days on standby and over two days of talk time.

Stand no. A121

Teledyne Marine

The HydroPACT 660

The HydroPACT 660 is a small form factor pipe tracker designed for smaller ROVs. At approximately 60% smaller and 70% lighter than the industry standard 440 pipe tracking system, it comes with either VAC or VDC power options for the first time. This smaller and lighter coil array suits smaller ROVs such as observation class or inspection class. Use of these smaller ROVs for pipe and cable surveys offers customers the opportunity to significantly reduce their operating costs on future projects.

Stand no. N/A

Vetus Commercial Products


Made from the special blended composite NAVIDURIN which is temperature resistant up to 260˚C, these Heavy Duty waterlocks outperform standard GRP materials by 170%. The same applies for the thermal resistance to deformation under pressure.

Stand no. PB78

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