Seawork Innovations Showcase 2019

SEAir foiling system
The SEAir foiling system enables motorboats to sail 20cm above the water surface. Credit: SEAir
GeoPulse USV
The GeoPulse Unmanned Surface Vehicle allows surveys to be conducted in previously inaccessible shallow water areas. Credit: Kongsberg GeoAcoustics
Patrol 45 WP Hybrid vessel
Baltic Workboats’ 44.6m long Patrol 45 WP Hybrid vessel features a parallel hybrid electric propulsion system. Credit: Baltic Workboats

Located in a prominent area of Seawork, the Innovations Showcase, sponsored by National Maritime and HSSMI, will provide visitors with the opportunity to see the latest in equipment, services, projects and vessels introduced by exhibitors during the past year.

Each entry is in with a chance to win the overall 'Spirit of Innovation' trophy, as well as individual category awards.

The Innovations Showcase, as part of the European Commercial Marine Awards (ECMAs), is judged in various categories, and an Award and Certificate of Commendation will be presented to the winner of each category.

Categories include:
Vessel Design & Construction
Marine Civil Engineering & ConstructionMarine Equipment, Electronics & Materials
Diving & Underwater Technology
Renewable Energy
Safety & Training

Maritime Journal takes a closer look at the Innovations Showcase entries for 2019 (entries correct at time of press):

The W2K-1 is a compact and low-power NMEA 2000 to Wi-Fi Gateway with voyage data recording that can convert data bi-directionally from the NMEA 2000 backbone to any smart device connected to it via Wi-Fi. This ability to convert data means only one device is needed to analyse race data, generate logbooks, troubleshoot any vessel issues and share voyage details. All data can be logged to the W2K-1’s internal micro SD card for later downloading.
Stand: PY61

Ashton Marine Services
Anti-corrosion and lubrication grease LanoShield is a marine grade lanolin that uses a blend of seed oil softeners for protection against rust. A non-toxic, 100% sustainable agent, the natural wool by-product is suitable for sensitive marine environments and has a low impact on ocean ecosystems. It is salt and water-resistant, plus power wash-resistant up to 300 psi. It is also non-leaching, non-evaporating, non-conductive to 70w and acid and alkaline-resistant.
Stand: N/A

Baltic Workboats
Baltic Workboats’ 44.6m long Patrol 45 WP Hybrid vessel features a parallel hybrid electric propulsion system which supports the two main engines with a diesel-engine-driven power plant and electric machines coupled to the main engines by gearboxes. Electricity is generated when running at speeds of up to 27 knots, providing power to vessel electronics, as well as storing this power in batteries, and, vice versa, enabling full electric propulsion at up to 12 knots.
Stand: PB47

Barrus Ltd
Barrus’ 60hp Capsize PIRS four-stroke Outboard Engine replaces the obsolete two-stroke engine with more eco-friendly, durable and reliable power. Fully automatic and integrated within the engine’s electronic control unit, Capsize PIRS enables the engine to restart after it has been capsized. The system ensures no water can enter the internals of the engine and is operated without removing the engine cover to avoid oil contamination.
Stand: Q18

Big Blue Maritime
The Dyena OFFSHORE system can be fitted to vessels to autonomously record and provide operational data on daily activities including acceleration and vessel motion in 6 axes and GPS position and speed, as well as the crew manifest, system maintenance and remote working apps. All data is automatically relayed to a secure remote server, where it can be reviewed online globally to ensure crew safety and maximise productivity.
Stand: A37

Cox Powertrain
The CXO300 diesel outboard engine is based on a 4-stroke, V8 architecture and compared to a gasoline outboard the expected lifecycle is up to three times longer. Its design enables it to achieve approximately one horsepower per kilogram of weight, twice as much as standard diesel engines. It delivers a combination of low weight, high power, high torque and single fuel, to deliver the same performance and efficiency of an inboard but with the convenience and flexibility of an outboard.
Stand: PY65

Dometic UK Ltd
The Dometic VARCX Variable Capacity Chiller features corrosion-resistant titanium condenser coils for increased chiller longevity. Its variable capacity technology offers energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and quiet operation, with no harsh in-rush currents to the boat’s generators. The industrial-grade titanium minimises seawater erosion and corrosion, while an advanced loop control algorithm also modulates the compressor speed and balances chiller output with the required load.
Stand: PG131

Duodrive Ltd
Duodrive’s marine propulsion technology, TorqueFlange, is derived from Duodrive’s contra-rotating propulsion concept, which adds standardised monitoring technology enabling real-time measurement of power-input, torque-split to each propeller, as well as propulsion thrust to deliver efficiency. The Duodrivetrain concept delivers thrust directly into the hull and incorporates load cells providing 3D output to enable the monitoring of torque and thrust performance.
Stand: PY29

Dynamic Load Monitoring
Designed to run for long periods of time from a smaller battery than those found in a mobile phone, the DL-3.0 Data Logger is ideally suited for offshore applications where it can be deployed for long periods of time without operator intervention. The DL-3.0 can accept a load cell or 4-20mA input and includes a 3axis gyro, 3axis accelerometer, GNSS antenna port, RS232 serial communication port, Bluetooth connectivity and a relay input to trigger the logging.
Stand: PY129

FREBS Marine International Ltd
FREBS Marine International’s Universal Cargo System (UCS) comprises a range of designs for autonomous feeder ships and barges and modified dock handling facilities, with the aim of improving cargo handling efficiency, eliminating port congestion, reducing turnaround times and transit costs and shortening the supply chain. UCS also aims to reduce pollution and energy usage and reduce the need to build and expand ports and docks to save space and dredging.
Stand: N/A

Hook Marine
The SeaWise Stability Monitor provides small vessels with continuous measurement of GM while their vessel is in a seaway. The device carries out continuous roll testing, while motion sensors and unique software provide the means of isolating the rolling motion from the total motion of the vessel. SeaWise will track a declining GM value following a stability related incident and trigger audible and visual alarms should the GM approach or pass the IMO minimum value of 0.35 m.
Stand: N/A

Klüber Lubrication
Klüberbio AM 92-142 is an EAL wire rope grease designed for both initial lubrication of wire ropes during production, and as a dressing for wire ropes that are intended for immersion in sea water, or general use in corrosive marine conditions. It offers excellent wear protection, exceptional adhesion and good water resistance to reliably protect steel cables against corrosion, even when they encounter seawater.
Stand: PB75

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd
The GeoPulse Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) featuring GeoPulse Compact, Kongsberg’s newest lightweight sub-bottom profiler, allows surveys to be conducted in previously inaccessible shallow water areas, generating quality and accurate data. GeoPulse USV can be deployed fully autonomously or remote-controlled up to a range of 2km. The GeoPulse USV’s electric motors provide six hours’ endurance at a survey speed of six knots, with an interchangeable battery pack.
Stand: MC37

Landau UK Commercial
Handmade from the highest grade 316 stainless steel, the ULTRA X Anchor from Landau UK Commercial is self-righting, with 60% of its weight in its curved lead filled tip. Its tip also enables instant penetration. Other benefits include a hollow shank for optimal weight distribution, concave base surfaces for maximum holding power and large side wing plates to avoid release during changing wind or tide conditions.
Stand: PG11

Ocean Safety
The injection moulded Jo Bird SOS300 Fire hose cabinet has been developed using CAD with finite element analysis to create a robust design with a high-quality finish. The benefits of injection moulding also include a short production time and relatively low cost. Components will not corrode or break down under intense UV radiation, while the shallow depth and left or right hinged door means the cabinet can be placed in tight machinery spaces.
Stand: PO31

ClearCruise Augmented Reality for FLIR M132 and M232 thermal cameras utilises the capabilities of FLIR thermal camera technology and the power of the AXIOM family of multi-function displays with LightHouse 3 to let boaters view navigation objects on Axiom’s high definition video display. This boosts operational safety, whether day or night.
Stand: Q64

Reach and Rescue Ltd
The Reach and Rescue Telescopic Pole can be extended to 17m and deployed to a casualty with directional accuracy in just 20 seconds. Its rigid, carbon fibre build enables deployment regardless of conditions. Tool attachments range from the Body Hook for man overboard situations to an underwater inspection camera for inspecting/searching. A clamping float sits on the end of the pole, allowing quick and accurate gliding for rescue tools.
Stand: PY111

Red7Marine Training Academy is an entry-level training platform designed to help combat the marine industry’s skills shortage. Focusing on marine construction and renewables, the bespoke two-week Marine Recruits Foundation course combines classroom activities with a practical approach. Course graduates receive an SQA qualification leading on to an independent jack up barge masters’ qualification from IJUBOA. The course is currently being developed for participants to gain an NVQ qualification.
Stand: MC131

Renolit Maritime
Renolit Dolphins is a biocide-free anti-fouling film that uses “roll-coating” technology. The film has been designed to provide better surface protection than anti-fouling paint as its amphiphilic surface prevents large scope of fouling. Fouling organism can be “washed off” automatically when the vessel moves above 7 knots, helping to reduce drag, save fuel and limit CO2 emissions. The film's simple application also aims to help fleet owners save time.
Stand: Partner organisation Grapefruit Graphics is on stand PG37

Seaglaze Marine Windows
A patented bonding solution and specially developed manufacturing techniques enables the Seaglaze Concealed Frame Window to give the appearance of bonded-glass, hiding any external frame while still allowing a straighforward installation, similar to clamp-in frames. Suitable for vessels operating in extreme weather, the Frame Window combines strength and durability with a modern aesthetic.
Stand: PO81

The SEAir foiling system enables motorboats to sail 20cm above the water surface in a stable manner which improves comfort at sea. Benefits include shock mitigation with reduced fatigue and injury rates, no slamming or spray, more time at sea due to a more than 30% fuel saving and an average speed increase of around 20%. The electronically regulated foiling system is user-friendly with push button activation and foils are retractable/foldable.
Stand: VA36

Shock Mitigation Solutions Ltd
SKYDEX Shock Mitigating Seat Cushion Inserts fill the gap in marine seating between basic foam cushions and mechanical suspension seats to improve comfort and safety for crew and passengers on all types of craft. Cushions with SKYDEX Seat Cushion Inserts can reduce the effects of whole-body vibration and the Inserts will compress under load in a smooth and controlled manner. This enables distribution of pressure and precisely tuned responses to mitigate impact.
Stand: N/A

SM Group (Europe) LTD
The SHAKESPEARE GALAXY-INFL8 is the world’s first inflatable VHF antenna. The emergency antenna can pack in 250mm of space but when needed will rapidly deploy to 1.6m long. It will then offer a full 3dB performance and the additional height means the range is three times greater than existing helical emergency antennas. It is made from high vis materials, has hook and loop straps for easy and quick installation and is compatible with most fixed mount and handheld VHF radios.
Stand: PY95

SM Group (Europe) / Solar Technology
Lightweight and long-lasting, the LiFOS 68Ah Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is ideal for off-grid energy supply to boats. It charges up to 20% faster than the equivalent lead acid or gel batteries and has up to nine times the life cycle. The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) has been specially designed to allow LiFOS to be charged by any battery charger or DC to DC converter. The BMS also protects the battery from deep discharging.
Stand: PY95

Spinlock Ltd
The DURO + is a 275N ISO-approved lifejacket harness which incorporates GlowSpot fabric and its thermoplastic polymer layer of retro reflective particles in its inflatable bladder. The GlowSpot bladder aims to offer twice the reflectivity of standard high vis bladder fabrics, increasing MOB visibility day or night.
Stand: PG147

Designed to carry a standard-size 20-25 litre can of marine firefighting foam concentrate, the Foam Buddy is a backpack which allows first responders to fight fires on the open decks of oil and chemical tankers more efficiently. The Foam Buddy, which has a quick-release system, means firefighting teams need only carry the self-inducting foam applicator (hose) that connects to the canister on the firefighter’s back.
Stand: PO22

Suzuki GB
The Suzuki Multi-Function Display (SMD) is the only control screen that allows drivers to access all Suzuki’s engine data in real-time and view this alongside environmental information. The 16-inch and 12-inch SMDs have various options to enable digital switching to control things like navigation lights, trim tabs and multi-beam sonar as well as full connectivity with other systems such as FUSION marine entertainment systems.
Stand: Q6

Torqeedo’s Deep Blue 100i electric propulsion system meets the requirements for larger planing and displacement vessels. The 100kW electric direct drive motor has twice the power of previous models  and the 40 kWh BMW i3 battery has 30% more capacity. The system is offered in two versions: 2400 rpm for faster planing boats and 900 rpm for heavier displacement vessels. It also recharges to 75% capacity in under 1.5 hours using shorepower.
Stand: PO63

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