Port of Blyth emergency exercise

Port of Blyth The emergency planning exercise at the Port of Blyth involved police, fire and rescue and the Border Force, along with port staff and Reay Security. Image courtesy of Port of Blyth
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A planning exercise testing the Port of Blyth’s preparedness for emergencies and its response to security incidents has taken place.

The exercise at the Northumberland, UK-located port was facilitated by State 21 Ltd. and involved police, fire and rescue and the Border Force, along with port staff and Reay Security.

Martin Willis, Port of Blyth harbour master/port facility security officer, said: “As a growing Trust Port it is of vital importance that the systems, plans and procedures we have in place to deal with emergency situations and security incidents are fit for purpose.”

State 21 is a resilience management consultancy, and joint venture partner of The Maritime Group, which delivers training, exercises and de-briefing at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Mr Willis added: “State 21’s recent assistance with testing our readiness, contingency and business continuity planning for responding to such events was invaluable as their expertise of emergency planning and response ensured that all potential eventualities were tested fully and that the port’s protocols for such scenarios remain both robust and effective.”

Richard Rowland, managing director of State 21, commented: “Port of Blyth should be rightly proud of their continuing focus on making the port more secure and as a result more attractive to business.”

By Rebecca Jeffrey

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