Boxship Salvage Underway In Azores

SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage is currently removing the Constructive Total Loss wreck of CP Valour in the Azores. SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage is currently removing the Constructive Total Loss wreck of CP Valour in the Azores.

SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage has won a major contract to remove the wreck of the 1,061teu containership CP Valour, which grounded in the Azores during the winter.

The wreck may be refloated or demolished in-situ depending on circumstances. Sister company Lisbon Tugs of Portugal will assist SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage's team during the project.

Work is underway on the contract, which was awarded by the P&I Club on behalf of the owners. A substantial fleet of vessels has mobilised to the grounding site just off the island of Faial to undertake wreck removal.

The 15,145gt CP Valour went aground at Baia da Rebera das Cabras, on the north western coast of Faial and is hard aground on sand over volcanic rock. The grounding resulted in very severe bottom damage. The casualty is fully flooded, including the engine room.

No tanks have been left intact by the grounding and its aftermath. Bunkers have been removed but CP Valour has been found to be impossible to salve and has been declared a Constructive Total Loss.

The bay where the vessel is grounded is exposed to hostile weather from the north-west.

Consequently, the project has been timed to make the most of the summer season. Work commenced when the salvage vessel Jacomina arrived to clear debris from the site. This made way for the jack-up MEB-JB1, which is positioned alongside CP Valour.

Three large North Sea class pontoons are also required for the weight reduction phase.

The casualty's accommodation block will be cut away and removed and a number of heavy items will be lifted from the machinery space.

Subsequently, containers will be removed from the two cargo holds closest to the engine room in preparation for an attempted refloating. These spaces must be dewatered and pressurised to compensate for the weight in the engine room area, even when dewatered.

Three tugs, Battleaxe, Ayton Cross, and Remo, will assist and support the operation, including the refloating.

MJInformation No: 21970

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