9m Sealegs amphibian comes to Europe

The craft can accommodate 8 crew on suspension seats The craft can accommodate 8 crew on suspension seats
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The New Zealand amphibious RIB builder Sealegs has launched a larger 9m version of its distinctive amphibious RIB, and the first example is en-route to the UK distributor.

The Sealegs Interceptor 9000 is the largest model of its kind with seating for up to eight on board. The nine metre vessel features all the advancements found in the latest Sealegs models including the ability to be driven from a storage location or trailer, down a launching ramp or beach and into the water, while the occupants remain dry in the boat. Usually, a 22hp four-stroke engine powers the hydraulic systems used to raise and lower the legs and power the wheels, however the demonstrator model arriving to UK dealer Salterns Brokerage this October sports an upgraded 35hp engine. The engine which powers the craft on land is located in the central console, and powers hydraulic wheel motors for terrestrial propulsion and rams to lift and lower the wheels.

The Interceptor 9000, which can take a 300hp outboard and has a heavy-duty windscreen and a wide console which provides added protection. These craft also come with the option of up to eight Joltrider suspension seats which are fully adjustable depending on conditions and passenger weight.

The hull is of welded aluminium construction and if the smaller Sealegs models are anything to go by it will be very robust and designed for commercial, not just leisure usage. If Sealegs’ existing naming convention continues, the boat will measure 9m overall in on-water configuration- with wheels lifted- so usable space will actually compare with a conventional RIB of about a metre less length.

By Jake Frith

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