Hamburg Police Special Forces boat

The 8-metre ProZero Center Console has a non-stepped, variable deep V-bottom hull The 8-metre ProZero Center Console has a non-stepped, variable deep V-bottom hull
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Tuco Marine Group has closed a deal for one new ProZero 8m centre console interceptor with Hamburg Police Special Forces.

According to Tuco, the 8-metre ProZero Center Console has a non-stepped, variable deep V-bottom hull featuring a fine forward entry, a flared bow, wide chines and lifting strakes/spray rails, the hull provides a safe and reliable base for high-speed operations and will tackle even very agitated sea states.

“We have been working hard and the contract really is a welcome seal of approval of the technology and the products we have been developing and refining for years”, said Jonas Pedersen, CEO at Tuco Marine.

Like its ProZero counterparts, the Interceptor is constructed from lightweight composite materials – more specifically carbon fibre composites which exhibit an unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio. The application of strong and lightweight materials yields a low total weight which translates into high performance, excellent fuel efficiency and increased operational range. Additionally, composites are virtually maintenance free. Thanks to the low weight and the ProZero hull profile, the ProZero boats are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 40 knots under full loading conditions. This is also true for the new Interceptor, which is strategically sized and carefully equipped for high-speed security and patrol missions in coastal and offshore waters.

The design process has focussed equally on both “hard” and “soft” elements. While preserving and optimising structural rigidity, integrity, strength and uncompromising mission-capability, corresponding attention has been paid to crew comfort and the onboard working environment. Equipment, seats and consoles are positioned to facilitate workflow coordination, and state-of-the-art operations management and electronic situational awareness support is purposefully integrated for ease of use. The centre console deck layout provides flexibility and room for a variety of missions and boarding situations – the layout is dynamic and can be transformed through built-in cargo rails into mission-specific environments with alternative shock mitigating seating arrangements, weapon mounts or extra cargo areas.

The 8m CC Interceptor has been sold to the Hamburg Police in close collaboration with local partner Hendrik Gröne from HeavyLift@Sea GmbH, who has acted as a local link to the police to ensure the best possible match between local operational environment and final boat design.

By Jake Frith

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