In France the application authorisation for a building permit for the future energy turbine assembly yard for DCNS-OpenHydro has been signed.

This will be built in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, on land belonging to PNA, which has entrusted responsibility for building construction to SHEMA. This assembly yard is part of the project for setting up a pre-commercial tidal energy farm comprising 7 turbines in the Race of Alderney.

Within this context, PNA and ONEM led negotiations with DCNS-OpenHydro to lay claim to a parcel of land (25ha) so as to establish this industrial site at the Port of Cherbourg, with the support of the Normandy Region, the Manche Department and the City of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin.

The DCNS subsidiary wishes to set up the assembly yard quickly, which will enable the seven tidal energy turbines for the pilot farm to be manufactured in a timely fashion, for the start of 2018. This assembly yard will later also be used to produce the tidal energy turbines for the future commercial farm in the the Race of Alderney, as well as those planned for Aurigny.

With a maximum capacity of twenty-five turbines per year, the future assembly yard will first be able to ensure the assembly of these tidal energy turbines and, then later, those for any European pre-commercial farms.

By Jake Frith