Two companies have entered into a cooperation agreement to assess the technical and market viability of a high-powered electric outboard.

OXE Marine and Evoy

OXE Marine AB and Evoy AS have entered into a cooperation agreement. Photo: OXE Marine

Sweden-headquartered OXE Marine AB and Norway-based Evoy AS will do this using Evoy’s proprietary electrical propulsion system and OXE Marine’s patented lower leg to deliver a high-powered, high torque application.

The target is initially a 150hp equivalent motor. The companies will later assess larger packs up to 300hp. Following a successful assessment, both parties will contemplate a deeper cooperation to develop, produce and market the product worldwide.

Cutting emissions

“Evoy’s high output electric propulsion systems should be a great fit towards OXE Marine AB’s belt driven lower legs – designed for the higher torque from diesel and electric motors - and we are excited to see what it can do,” said Leif A. Stavøstrand, CEO of Evoy AS. “This fits well into Evoy’s vision of eliminating boating emissions globally, and our goal is to start with the commercial market, like OXE Marine AB. Later we will move into the larger recreational market as battery technology and prices steadily improve.”

“OXE Marine AB’s vision is the global adoption of its patented belt propulsor concept with a mission to dramatically reduce exhaust emissions in the marine outboard segment,” commented Myron Mahendra, CEO of OXE Marine AB. “We believe that partnering with Evoy in delivering a high quality and efficient electric marine propulsion system is an important step towards meeting our goals.”

By Rebecca Jeffrey