A UK boatbuilder’s latest 8-metre police and military RIB now employs technology normally applied to much larger vessels for advanced vessel performance and monitoring capabilities.

Ribcraft's Military, Police and Patrol RIBs are over-built with an excellent reputation in the market

Ribcraft's Military, Police and Patrol RIBs are over-built with an excellent reputation in the market

Reygar, a provider of remote monitoring and reporting platforms for small commercial vessels, has been selected by Ribcraft, a British manufacturer of professional and military grade Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB), to supply the customers of its latest police and military 8-metre RIBs with BareFLEET, offering advanced vessel monitoring and performance data.

Police and military RIBs must transport crew quickly and securely to deal with the operation at hand, often with several passengers onboard working on potentially dangerous activities. As such, RIBs must be manufactured structurally strong and with the latest operational intelligence software to execute a reliable, fast and safe transport to emergency operations. By deploying its BareFLEET software to gather in-depth health and performance data across the vessel’s critical equipment, Reygar provides Ribcraft and its customers with the insight they need to guarantee the highest degree of safety and vessel availability under challenging circumstances.

BareFLEET monitors the health and performance of all critical equipment, collecting analytics of real time data and remote monitoring reports on boat performance, engine hours, fuel consumption, live boat motion and vessel location. Moreover, crew members can interact with the digital reporting platform by manually inputting data which increases the visibility of on-board vessel activity.

Chris Huxley-Reynard, Managing Director, Reygar, said: “We provide our customers with the most comprehensive monitoring and reporting solutions because we believe this data to be fundamental to the safety and operational efficacy of commercial vessels, both large and small. By partnering with Ribcraft, we’re looking forward to enhancing the robust versatility of its vessels with the latest operational performance insight for their end customers.”

Jason Purvey, General Manager, Ribcraft, commented: “Our new 8-metre RIB is over-built for extreme endurance and exceptional operation in all possible environments. Featuring Ribcraft’s signature solid deep V hull, heavy-duty inflatable tube reinforced with military grade cladding and indestructible push bow, the craft is also fully equipped with lighting system, sirens, speakers, navigation and communications equipment to meet the breadth and depth of customer needs.”

“By integrating Reygar’s critical vessel insight and remote monitoring we have been able to provide our customers with the next-level technology required for the best operational decision-making.”

By Jake Frith