The shipping world is desperately seeking new fuels to keep it on track to meet upcoming regulations on emissions that are bound to be coming its way.

But British company Eminox, which makes high-speed exhaust after-treatment systems (EATS), says its technology can simply be installed on vessels without all that cost and disruption and still meet IMO Tier III regulations.

Eminox's EATS

Eminox’s EATS

Eminox has been selected as the sole supplier to Norwegian marine engine distributor Frydenbø, which is a major distributor of FPT marine engines, and as a first step it has installed the system on a fishing vessel. The company says the tech will be rolled out across a further eight engine types, ‘giving operators a greater number of options to ensure compliance is achieved and that more industry sectors can reap the benefits associated with this’.

Maritime Journal had a chat with both firms at Eminox’s booth at the recent SMM event in Hamburg, where the firms made their commitment and explained why the option to burn diesel cleanly is just as valid – and way cheaper – than going for alternative fuels. 

In our podcast you will hear Eminox’s retrofit sales director Carlos Vicente and global product manager Anthony Greatwood with Frydenbø CEO Per Jarle Røyrvik and sales manager exports Martin Viksund, chatting to Maritime Journal editor Debbie Mason.