The French based recycled marine fuel expert, Ecoslops, has commenced industrial production and delivered the first volume of marine fuel products out of its refinery in the Portugese Port of Sinès.

Ecoslops’ ambition is to establish itself as major player in the treatment of marine hydrocarbon waste having developed a unique technology that transforms oil residues from shipping (slops and sludge) into new recycled marine fuels.

Vincent Favier, CEO of Ecoslops, said: “For ship owners and operators, it is highly cost-effective, efficient and sustainable to be able to take a waste product, for which the disposal is strictly regulated, and turn it into a reusable marine fuel.”

He said that the company’s focus is now on accelerating production at the Port of Sinès by collecting more slops locally and through import.

Ecoslops’ treatment unit in the Port of Sinès has the capacity to produce 30,000 tonnes of recycled fuel every year.

The company aims to evolve three more of these facilities by 2017 to capitalise in on the opportunities within the global slops market.

By Anne-Marie Causer