A new 400 tonne travel lift has been installed in the French port of Concarneau which will considerably increase the refit capabilities in the harbour reports Dag Pike.

This new travel lift has been installed at the yard of JFA Yachts which despite its name, does considerable refit work on fishing boats and workboats from the region. The source of the funding for this new facility has not been disclosed but as it is part of a general increase in facilities it is assumed that the harbour authorities and the local councils made a contribution.

Included in the investment in upgraded facilities were two marine flat-bed trolleys of 200 tonnes capacity each which will allow the craft lifted from the water to be moved about the yard to hard standings. With the lift and these trolleys it will be much quicker to lift and move craft about the yard and thus speed up the process of repair work.

Located on the south coast of the Brittany peninsular, Concarneau harbour is an important centre for yacht, fishing and commercial repair and refit work. Apart from the new travel lift the port is also equipped with a 2,000 tonne Synchrolift and a 130m (427ft) dry dock which allows the refit and repair on most of the vessels operating along this coast. The port is accessible at all states of the tide with a draft of at least 5 metres.

With the installation of the travel lift and the purchase of the new trolleys, JFA Yachts states that it can now look to expand its refit activities considerably. The 400 tonne travel lift can haul out craft from 18 metres to 41 metres with a lot of flexibility and a faster blocking process. This new investment will widen the scope of refit work that JFA is able to undertake taking in short services, winter maintenance and full refits. The new hoist will be able to handle most of the workboats and inshore fishing vessels in the region.

Apart from the refit facilities, JFA can also offer five building halls ranging between 30m to 50m in length. In addition there is a 60m (197ft) pontoon with 5m depth alongside at the yard as a commissioning quay.