Finland-based Lamor Corporation Ab and the Norway-based Markleen Group recently signed a cooperation agreement that is claimed will form the most comprehensive and highest quality Oil Spill Response (OSR) solution network on the global market.

The combined inventory of Lamor’s current range of equipment and Markleen’s innovative product line will increase the equipment and service options for customers.

Markleen will increase its focus on manufacturing and R&D while Lamor will continue providing an extensive global sales and service network now reinforced by the experience and knowledge of Markleen’s international experts.

According to a company spokesperson the inclusion of Markleen’s offshore boom systems, large floating storage tanks and absorbents will allow Lamor to offer more environment specific and versatile systems, including superior offshore packages. The cooperation of two market-leading companies will allow numerous opportunities to develop and provide the next generation of oil spill response solutions.

By Jake Frith