• Cotesi UK Ltd

    Cotesi UK Ltd

    RippondenUnited Kingdom

    Cotesi UK is a manufacturer / supplier of Mooring ropes in different materials from Polypropylene to HMPE Dyneema, Nylon, Polyester, Polysteel, Tow lines, winch lines. Polyform Buoys, Fenders, floats.

  • D Koronakis S.A.

    Leading industrial company of hi-tech synthetic ropes, wire-ropes and large stocks of anchors, anchor chains. 22 key-points worldwide! Famous products: KapaNeema(Plus), KapaNylon, Flex, Float, Strong, Silver. Approved by OCIMF. Lloyd’s Type Approval

  • Smith Berger Marine Inc


    Providing excellent customer service, quality products and superior performance. Our engineering and manufacturing experience allows us to furnish customized equipment to suit any application and environment.

  • Southern Ropes

    SouthamptonUnited Kingdom

    Southern Ropes is at the forefront of rope innovation combing the latest rope making technologies with strong and durable materials.