• A.H.Parker & Sons (Gt. Britain) Ltd

    SlinfoldUnited Kingdom

    Parker Ribs – Manufacturer and supplier of commercial & military rigid inflatable boats. Range from 5.10 to 16.0 mtr. Open type and with cabin, single or twin propulsion, propeller or water jet. All bespoke and custom built.

  • Birmingham and Midlands Marine Services

    B&MMS - Cannock, Staffordshire. Temporary Marine Access Provision - Commercial Marine Rescue - Workboat & Specialist Water Safety Training Provider

  • Commercial Rib Charter

    LymingtonUnited Kingdom

    Large fleet. Sizes from 6m to 15m. SOLAS open Ribs to MCA Cat 1 wheelhouse CTV and survey Ribs. Crew transfer, Dive Support, Survey, Cable Lay Support, Police and Military. Bareboat available.

  • King Marine Ltd

    Nr LymingtonUnited Kingdom

    Commercial R.I.Bs 6 metre to 15metre. Windfarm Service, Safety Boat, Fast Response, Security, Patrol, Passenger, Towing, Pilotage, Construction Site, Workboat. Supplied Bareboat or with Experienced and Qualified Crew.

  • Light Marin

    Light Marin’s LMD range are built for heavy commercial use. The hulls are engineered to take maximum forces while fully laden and operate at high speeds in heavy seas. Light Marin’s main speciality is to save weight in all areas by using advanced composites and modern manufacturing techniques.

  • MMS

    GwyneddUnited Kingdom

    15 metre work boat suitable for assisting offshore construction projects, survey, transfers, support, and guard work. Contact for more info or spec sheet.

  • NOVI Marine


    Novi marine is an importer and supplier of commercial ribs, dinghies and professional work boats. In addition, you can go for a complete line of recreational sports RIBs.

  • Northern Rib Hire


    Ribs from 4metre to 11metre, Crew Transfers, Dive Support, Ecological Environmental Surveys, Film Work

  • Probond Marine Ltd

    MorayUnited Kingdom

  • Ribcraft Ltd

    YeovilUnited Kingdom

    Founded in the late eighties, Ribcraft has gained an enviable reputation as the leading British builder of custom & production Ribs.

  • SRC (Scottish Rib Charter)


    Operators of the largest fleet of commercial RIBs in the UK. Available for short and long term contracts. Professionally crewed and mobile throughout the UK.

  • Strangford Moorings

    KillinchyUnited Kingdom

    Owners and operators of multicats, catamarans, pontoons, survey vessels, salvage and Ribs.

  • Vanguard International

    North FambridgeUnited Kingdom

    Designers and manufacturers of Professional RIBs for the Military, commercial, rescue & Diving markets from 3 metres to 8.6 metres with Outboard, inboard & jet powered options.