Seatools will produce an anode cage installation tool for GeoSea, part of installation operations for the Hohe See offshore wind farm (OFW), off the coast of Germany.

Hohe See offshore wind farm

The anode cage installation tool will be used for the Hohe See offshore wind farm

The installation aid, designed in close collaboration with Belgium-headquartered GeoSea, will be deployed to accurately position, direct, and fasten anode cages.

Jan Frumau, managing director at Netherlands-based Seatools, said: “The contract is an important demonstration of GeoSea ‘s trust in our ability to deliver mission-critical installation equipment based on an extensive subsea technology toolbox, capacity to innovate, and flexibility. I am confident that GeoSea will reap the benefits of a solution that facilitates controlled, reliable, and efficient anode cage installation operations.”

The anode cage installation tool is equipped with a survey system that monitors every step of the installation process.

The tool and its related operational procedures are highly automated and do not require divers or ROVs. Its automation, combined with its installation procedure allow for system accuracy and reliability, said the company.

71 anode cages were previously installed for Hohe See OWF.

By Rebecca Jeffrey