Irish boatbuilder Safehaven Marine has signed contracts with the Faroe Islands Rescue Service for an Interceptor 48 foot self-righting search and rescue craft.

This is the second S.A.R. Interceptor 48 Safehaven has supplied to the Faroe Islands following Sverri in 2013, which has worked very well in the challenging North Atlantic seas they face off the Islands, with her crew being totally confident with her seakeeping abilities, performance and reliability during rescue operations over the last seven years.

The S.A.R version of Safehaven’s Interceptor 48 is basically the same as their all weather pilot boat version which can also be specified as fully self-righting. For fast response the craft will have a 30kt+ maximum speed and will be powered by Scania D13 650hp engines and Hamilton HJ364 waterjets with joystick control and dynamic positioning providing excellent manoeuvrability. Also incorporating Humphree ride control with full stabilisation.

The new vessel features the new forward angled window design developed last year for the Norwegian pilot vessel Safehaven delivered which also provides increased accommodation. Safehaven’s Interceptor 48 is inherently self-righting due to the size, shape and buoyancy of the superstructure combined with a low centre of gravity with several additional design features integrated when specified as fully self-righting.

Designed for a crew compliment of five, but capable of accommodating up to 15 persons seated. The vessel is being equipped to an extremely high standard for her S.A.R. roles, including FLIR night vision SSB/HF and VHF radio communication and a Rhotheta Radio direction finder and a high power Luminell RC LED searchlight. Extended operation crew capabilities are provided with berths, galley facilities and climate control.

By Jake Frith