Southsea Coastal Scheme make the top five of this year''s ‘People’s Choice’ category in the 2021 SECBE Constructing Excellence Awards.

The project team was a finalist in the awards for its sensitive approach to restoring Long Curtain Moat – one of the last surviving parts of Portsmouth’s town fortifications.

Crucial heritage and enabling works were undertaken from September 2019, involving repairs to the inner moat walls as well as preparation work for the start of the Southsea Coastal Scheme.

Methods used were sympathetic to the historic significance of the area and included using floating pontoons for easy access that limited damage likelihood. Where possible, hand tools were used to ensure the necessary protection of the heritage asset.

Portsmouth was the only British town where moat defences were adopted. Lord Nelson passed through the brick-lined sally port under Long Curtain Moat in 1805 on his last departure from England.

By Jake Frith