German maritime software designer, SevenCs GmbH, has joined the MariGreen project to help realise its aim of a more sustainable, efficient and greener shipping industry.

The project is part of the EU INTERREG VA program and develops innovations for low-emission shipping, in particular supporting small and medium enterprises. It comprises 59 partners located in the Netherlands and Germany working on 12 separate work streams.

MariGreen’s remit includes alternative fuel for ships, wind energy systems for freight and passenger shipping, improvement of logistics operations, resource-efficient ship operations, safety issues and nautical education and training.

SevenCs will be joining the ‘wind propulsion in commercial shipping’ work stream, engaged on sub-project ‘windship modelling and voyage optimisation’ which investigates software to provide automated voyage optimisation criteria for wind propulsion supported vessels.

The number of external parameters influencing a voyage significantly increases for this type of vessel, therefore developing modelling software and connecting this to the navigational tool on board are the core requirements of this project.

MariGreen is funded under EU INTERREG VA together with support from the European Regional Development Fund and from Germany and the Netherlands.

By Rebecca Strong