The European Commission has granted €6.2m for a new research project called Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions (SHIPLYS).

SHIPLYS gathers a team of 12 leading maritime companies and research facilities from several European countries in order to develop simulation and modelling tools and aims to minimise the time and costs involved in ship design and production.

Development work in the project applies to two main areas - virtual prototyping and simulation modelling to include LCCA, environmental assessments, risk assessments and multi-criteria decision support modules.

The SHIPLYS consortium is led by TWI Ltd and comprises 12 partners in total, representing different sectors. Companies involved include the shipyards Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd. (UK), Varna Maritime (Bulgaria) and Astilleros de Santander SA (Spain).

BMT Group Ltd (UK) and BMT Nigel Gee Ltd (UK) are also involved, as is Lloyd’s Register EMEA (UK).

The project started in September 2016 and will last for three years.