Antifouling systems company, Sonihull, has signed an agreement with Kongsberg Maritime to be the latter’s sole-supplier of ultrasonic antifouling systems.

By Rebecca Strong

By Rebecca Strong

The agreement covers every application in the Kongsberg Maritime’s range of Kamewa waterjets.

“This agreement is a significant achievement in the current climate,” said Darren A. Rowlands, chief executive of Sonihull. “Kongsberg Maritime has a very wide field of operation and we can help to improve efficiencies in multiple applications.”

“As the maritime industry faces the challenges of a low carbon future, we are developing zero-harm antifouling systems to meet the environmental and economic challenges caused by bio-fouling.

“Our technology unlocks significant margins within existing vessel systems, which extends the viability of the world’s fleet without damaging the environment or impacting operator viability,” he added.

“In waterjet and propeller applications, our systems can improve long-term fuel economy by up to 20%,” said Mr Rowlands, adding, “In other applications, like box cooler installations, we can reduce capital and MRO costs by up to 95%.”