Norway’s Jotron AS is launching the Phontech 8300 MkII Sound Reception System. The system is designed to receive and detect foghorn sounds from other vessels and is for use onboard one man operated enclosed bridge class vessels.

The Phontech 8300 MkII Sound Reception System is an acoustical-electronic navigational aid which is ISO 14859, IEC60945 and MED approved. Inside an enclosed bridge, this sound reception system enables the watch officer to receive warning signals of nearby vessels within a 70-2100 Hz frequency. The Jotron technology suppresses unwanted background noise allowing reception of only relevant sounds.

The Phontech 8301 MkII microphone unit contains 4 microphones. The acoustic and visual rendition of a received incoming foghorn signal is reproduced and amplified through the Phontech 8300 MkII display and processing unit in the bridge. The information received indicates where the sound originates from. The Phontech 8300 MkII display has adjustable volume and dimmer, a web interface and options for fore and aft bridge mounting.

“All Jotron products are developed with innovative technology, they are reliable and manufactured with quality materials," says Rolf Andreas Wallin, Director Marketing and Sales Maritime & Energy Communication Division at Jotron. "A dedicated team of our engineers spent several years developing the Phontech 8300 MkII Sound Reception System, resulting in a top notch product offering the best digital sound processing.”

By Jake Frith