A Spanish port has held its first roundtable addressing the future of marine renewable energy.

Cádiz Port

Cádiz Port is considering investing in renewable energy. Photo: Port Authority of the Bay of Cádiz

Cádiz Port addressed the possibilities around development of the renewable energy industry in the area with its 'Renewable Energies and the Industry of the Bay of Cádiz. A look at the future' roundtable on 1 July.

This is an initiative that forms part of the Neo Cádiz Bay project, formed by stakeholders associated with Cádiz-Port, with the support and collaboration of Cádiz Bay Port Authority, to increase business opportunities, create a logistics park in Cádiz and grow the competitive capacity of the maritime sector.

The port said the goal is to create "a debate on the current scenario of renewable energy in Spain, and the strategic and legal mechanisms necessary to transform the Bay of Cádiz as a logistical vector in this sector".

The welcome was given by Rafael Fernández Bernal, president of the Cádiz-Port association. Mr Bernal stated that that there has been more than a hundred registrations of interest in the project from a total of five countries.

Seminars dates have yet to be arranged to address the naval and offshore industries, which are the other two sectors on which the project focuses.

By Rebecca Jeffrey