Two leading research institutes belonging to the government-owned China Geological Survey organisation in Beijing, GMGS and QIMG, are being equipped with Teledyne Reson ParaSound P70 sub-bottom profilers capable of penetrating seabeds at more than 200m in water depths as deep as 11,000m.

Originally developed by Atlas Hydrographic in Bremen prior to its acquisition by Teledyne Reson of Denmark two years ago, the hull-mounted parametric ParaSound systems are claimed to provide rapid high-resolution single or multibeam profiles at lower relative cost. Complementing a unit already operational aboard GMGS’s research vessel, Hai Yang 6, which has surveyed a total track line of more than 50.000km at depths of 3,800m in the South China Sea since 2010, the latest systems are to be installed on a companion vessel, Hai Yang 4, as well as a new institute hydrographic launch due to begin service later this year.

Meanwhile a new seismic vessel destined for QIMG is to be similarly equipped with a full ocean-depth sub-bottom system which is likewise expected to provide higher resolution of upper sediment layers compared with most seismic alternatives.

By David Goodfellow