The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has revised its guidance on the safe and effective management of Dynamic Positioning (DP) diving operations.

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IMCA has published revised guidance on DP diving operations

All sections of the documents IMCA D 010 Rev. 4 Diving Operations from Vessels Operating in a Dynamically Positioned Mode and IMCA D 078 Guidance on Diving Umbilical Management have now been updated and should be followed. 

“IMCA D 078 represents a step-change in the quality of the guidance available to industry on the subject of diving umbilical management,” said Bryan McGlinchy, diving manager, IMCA.

“Any diver who has entered the water from a DP diving platform will fully appreciate the critical need for umbilical length restrictions to have been calculated correctly. There is no room for error.”

Safety critical

Important topics that have been critically reassessed and updated during the review of IMCA D 010 include diving activity operational planning, DP alert response arrangements, vessel movement limitations, shallow water DP diving operations and diving within an anchor pattern, or close to a subsea asset.

There is also an important new section covering the need for additional industrial mission familiarisation for DP Operators (DPOs) working on Diving Support Vessels (DSVs).

IMCA D 010 no longer contains detailed guidance on the management of diving umbilicals deployed from dynamically positioned vessels and refers the reader to IMCA D 078 for comprehensive guidance.

New document IMCA D 078 Guidance on Diving Umbilical Management brings together everything that industry has learned about this crucial subject and presents it in one place. Poor diving umbilical management has been, and continues to be, a significant causal factor in many serious diving incidents.

The document explains the philosophy underpinning the safe deployment and tending of diving umbilicals from conventionally moored or DP vessels and static structures. It also describes in detail the hazards associated with dangerous machinery below the waterline. This is essential information for those involved in the planning of DP diving projects.

The sections of IMCA D 078 that deal with the calculation of appropriate excursion umbilical length restrictions when diving from DP vessels contain the most thorough and accurate guidance ever produced on the subject.

Using a series of new formulae and diagrams, the full three-dimensional nature of the challenge is accurately modelled in diving industry guidance for the first time. Appendix one contains an invaluable set of distance calculation worked examples that help to bring everything together.