German marine civil engineering companies, Tiefbau GmbH Unterweser (TAGU) and Combi Lift, are joining forces on the application and execution of large scale industrial offshore projects.

TAGU has experience in port and hydraulic engineering, waterway construction and offshore construction and services, while Combi Lifts specialises in maritime project engineering, heavy lift cargo logistics and operates a flexible Combi Lift fleet. The companies say they hope the joint venture will help make a difference in tender procedures for large international projects.

“There often is a lot of potential for optimisation in coordinating the different partial services in a large scale construction projects interface. Through the joint venture, our clients will benefit from bundled service packages from one source,” said Jens Diekmann, director, TAGU.

“Especially in offshore projects with their often critical time frames and interaction of many different specialists, the client will benefit substantially,” added Heiko Felderhoff, director of Combi Lift.

The companies also hope to offer more efficient global solutions for their clients. “A joint venture starts to really make sense, when the result shows more than the sum of the parts”, added Mr Felderhoff. “In this context, even joint newbuildings of ships could be conceivable.”

The joint venture is complemented by the German Cargo Services GmbH (GCS), a joint company of TAGU and Bremen-based PWL Group. As shipbroker and agent, GCS is a competent partner for break-bulk, project, ro-ro, wind-offshore-energy and heavy lift transportation.

By Rachael Doyle