Teledyne Technologies, the ever-acquisitive US conglomerate, has announced a proposed outright purchase of CARIS of New Brunswick, Canada, one of the world’s foremost developers of geospatial software designed for the hydrographic and marine communities.

Finalisation of the deal is expected within the next three months under terms which have not been disclosed.

Teledyne says the acquisition will complement its present marine instrumentation companies as part of its Digital Imaging segment. It adds that CARIS will continue to maintain and expand its range of advanced software solutions and support for a wide range of sensor platforms, data formats and acquisition software across the industry.

Approximately 90% of the world’s hydrographic offices are estimated to use CARIS products as an integral part of their workflows. Founded in 1979, the company pioneered development of software for producing, managing and distributing marine geospatial information. It currently offers the most comprehensive solutions for bathymetry, seafloor imaging and water column data processing handling multiple types of sonar and Lidar sensors simultaneously. Also available is a complete suite of paper and electronic navigational chart production and management software.

By David Goodfellow