In July 2020 representatives of the Polish government and Polish wind energy industry signed a "Letter of Intent on cooperation for development of offshore wind power in Poland".

The letter defines the next steps in a collaboration to jointly develop a strong wind industry in Poland.

Poland’s expansion targets for offshore wind are ambitious. Poland doesn’t yet have any offshore wind farms. But by 2030 they aim to have installed 3.8GW of offshore wind - with 10GW of new capacity awarded CfDs by then. And by 2050 they want a massive 28GW, which would make Poland the largest operator of offshore wind in the Baltic Sea.

“The potential for offshore wind in the Baltic is immense, and the Polish wind industry is ready to get started. Wind will contribute to a more modern, independent and healthy Poland. It will strengthen cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. And it will create future-proof Polish jobs in the manufacturing, service, maritime and port industries”, said Giles Dickson, CEO of trade body WindEurope.

The letter is an important step towards Poland’s first “Offshore Wind Act” which is being prepared by the Government and is expected to enter into force in 2020.

By Jake Frith