An Australian company has claimed that its lubrication equipment can increase the life of wire ropes by up to 300% over traditional lubrication methods.

Viper delivers lubricant into the wire rope

Viper delivers lubricant into the wire rope

Viper WRL, manufactures and supplies wire rope lubrication equipment to the marine, petrochemical, mining and manufacturing industries.

When used in place of manual lubrication the Viper can reduce relubrication time of ropes from several days to several hours whilst also providing a safer work environment. As the Viper delivers lubricant into the wire rope there is also an environmental benefit with less lubricant used and significantly less waste.

In recent years the company expanded operations with an additional workshop facility, increased its global distribution network to over 70 countries, increased personnel from 15 full time employees to 24, and increased sales by 32%.

Rodney Fitzpatrick, Owner and Managing Director of Viper WRL said “The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator is now the world leader through continued innovations”

“The Viper not only provides major savings in equipment downtime but is a lot safer for workers and the environment.”

By Jake Frith