Seven new tug deliveries held over from last month from Damen Shipyards Group are examined here including a closer look at the design types and new owners.

The seven deliveries cover three separate owners based in the UK, Dubai and Canada and involves three Damen marques, the ASD Tugs 2009, 2813 and 3212.

Clyde Marine Services are well acquainted with Damen’s tugs and the Greenock, UK-based company has now added the ASD Tug 2009 CMS Wrestler to its fleet, a standard-design vessel equipped for towing, mooring and firefighting operations.

CMS Wrestler has a LOA of 21.19m on a beam of 9.43m and provides 29.3tbp via Caterpillar C32 main engines developing 1,790bkW total at 1,800rpm powering Schottel SRP 550 thrusters. Auxiliary machinery includes two Caterpillar C4.4, 64.5kVA gensets and a Caterpillar C-09 firefighting set supplying a 600m3/hr water/foam monitor.

A combined anchor/towing winch (10t pull, 75t brake) is installed forward with a Mampaey 450kN SWL disc type tow hook aft, deck equipment also including a Heila HLM 10-3S crane. Five persons are accommodated in one single and two double-berth cabins.

Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping LLC is another company familiar with Damen tugs with thirteen ASDs, Stan Tugs and Shoalbusters listed in its fleet. Most are chartered from Damen and of note are three RSD 2513 tugs, one of Damen’s “next generation” designs.

In recent months two further pairs have joined the Dubai-based company’s fleet comprising ASD 2813 tugs Jawar Dhi Qar and Jawar Diyala along with the ASD 3212s Jawar Muthanna and Jawar Anbar.

Over 200 ASD Tug 2813s have been delivered, building on the capabilities of the larger ASD Tug 3212 and able to carry out a wide range of operations benefiting from a high freeboard and spacious accommodation for up to eight persons below the forecastle deck but still at main deck level in addition to two single cabins at forecastle deck level.

A Caterpillar/Rolls-Royce main engine and fixed-pitch thruster arrangement provides 5,050bKW and bollard pull of 85t. Substantial towage capabilities are provided by a double-drum render-recovery winch forward and a 200t brake load towing winch aft.

The second pair involves the ASD Tug 3212, another well-established marque needing little introduction. Jawar Muthanna and Jawar Anbar provide 82tbp and speed 14.1kn with towing winches forward and aft. Where firefighting capability with Jawar Al Khaleej’s ASD 2813 twins is from a single main engine driven pump, this second pair have two monitors, each supplying 1,200m3/hr water and 300m3/hr foam powered by an independent diesel engine.

Main engines are Caterpillar 3516C HD+TA/D models producing in total 5,050bKW at 1,800rpm powering Rolls-Royce US255 P30 fixed-pitch thrusters. Caterpillar also provide two C6.6 TA gensets with bilge, fuel, and fresh water pressure pumps supplied by Sterling.

The final Damen deliveries to look at this month are another pair of ASD Tug 2813s for Quebec-based Ocean Group, a company offering a range of services for maritime industries including industrial and naval repair and shipbuilding; dredging; marine transportation; barge and workboat rental and harbour towing and salvage.

With such a broad portfolio of services tugs are obviously an important part of Ocean Group’s asset portfolio, around 30 such vessels listed as operating for the various group-owned companies. The two latest additions are Ocean Granville and Ocean Kitsilano, built by Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam.

As well as the usual towing, mooring and firefighting capabilities the BV-classed pair also carry escort notation and in addition to the 80.91t and 84.8t ahead bollard pull figures, maximum steering forces respectively for each vessel of 75t along with maximum braking forces of 90t at maximum escort speed 10kn are also quoted.

A Caterpillar engine/Rolls-Royce thruster arrangement is once again provided, other engineroom equipment includes Azcue general service, bilge and fuel pumps; CJC fuel purifiers and Selmar sewage treatment plant with two firefighting monitors powered by one of the main engines. Fuel oil capacity is 102.6m3 along with 17.4m3 of fresh water.

Main towing is over the bow from a hydraulic two-speed, double-drum winch of 200t brake load. A Heila HLM 20-3S deck crane is included along with a 4m SOLAS-approved rescue boat with 25hp outboard engine. A substantial ‘D’ and ‘W’ fender arrangement is provided, particularly around the forepart of the pair as common with shiphandling tugs.

By Peter Barker