Suzuki GB displayed its new Multi-Function Display screens at Seawork 2019, showcasing their ability to provide the ultimate connectivity by uniting the helmsman with the surrounding environment and make driving workboats easier.

Suzuki Multi-Function Display

Suzuki GB's Multi-Function Display screens include chart plotter, radar, fish finder and weather information features. Credit: Suzuki

This is achieved through features including chart plotter, radar, fish finder and weather information via an internet connection. The screen gives drivers access to all Suzuki engine data, so they can easily and quickly see the performance of the outboard/s in one clear view in real time.

Unlike other display screens on the market, that can only show engine data alone, the Multi-Function Display can be set up to show a split-screen combination of engine and environmental information.

Digital switching

Additionally, there are various options to enable digital switching to control things like navigation lights, trim tabs and multi-beam sonar as well as full connectivity with other systems such as FUSION marine entertainment systems (SMD12/16 only). This means that customers can build and customise their systems with sensors and technologies to suit their needs.

The display unit features a glass top design, and multi-touch controls. It comes in a variety of sizes, as well as several mounting options, to suit any boat and console configuration.

Suzuki also displayed a range of commercial outboard motors and boat packages.

By Rebecca Jeffrey