Atlas Elektronik Finland (AEFI) has finished work on the fully refitted minelayer Pansio which has now been handed over to the Finnish Navy.

Handover of the fully refitted minelayer Pansio to the Finnish Navy

Handover of the fully refitted minelayer Pansio to the Finnish Navy

It worked on the project with subcontractor Uki Workboat Oy, and Pansio is the first of three minelayers to be completed. The refitting hopes to extend the use of the ships beyond 2030.

Jaakko Savisaari, CEO of AEFI, said: “All the work required for the refitting was done in Finland. We have already had significant joint projects with the Finnish Navy and Border Guard.”

“During these previous projects we have built up a considerable amount of know-how in Finland. We hope to be able to utilize these skills in future naval projects, too.”

AEFI has previously delivered an integrated navigation and mission management system to the offshore patrol vessel Turva of the Finnish Border Guard.

The machinery and satellite communications systems required for the currently renovated minelayers were purchased from abroad due to there being no Finnish manufacturer. AEFI then carried out the whole demanding systems programming in Finland.

Basic functions of the minelayers have been maintained or developed in the refitting, after this the vessels are more capable of supporting light naval and amphibious unit.

This means its efficiency in fuel, water replenishment and waste water uptake can improve.

By Alice Mason