With the International Maritime Organisation announcing a goals-based approach to emissions reductions for sulphur, nitrogen and carbon oxides over the next two decades, shipping owners and operators must use vessel data to build a fuller picture of unnecessary fuel consumption.

This is according to GreenSteam, a Denmark-headquartered marine data intelligence business that helps operators cut fuel wastage and reduce emissions by optimizing vessel performance.

While the shipping industry has been preparing for the sulphur emissions regulations coming into force on January 1st 2020, these are just the beginning of greenhouse gas emissions regulations with reductions targets of 85% by 2050.

As well as playing its own part to reduce GHG emissions through vessel optimisation, GreenSteam’s machine learning platform also measures the contribution of other complementary emissions reduction technologies. GreenSteam’s machine learning platform is being continuously updated and in turn the model of each vessel is continually refreshed and improved with the benefit of each new day’s data.

GreenSteam is a marine data intelligence company providing solutions to improve vessel efficiency through machine learning. GreenSteam implements solutions on vessels of all types.

By Jake Frith