National Energy Corporation (NEC), a subsidiary of the state-owned National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago, has taken delivery of a new Damen ASD Tug 2811.

National Energy Resilience Damen ASD Tug 2811

Source: Damen

National Energy Resilience NEC is fitted with a Class certified Damen Marine NOx Reduction System to make the tug IMO Tier III compliant

NEC has opted to have installed a Class certified Damen Marine NOx Reduction System to make the tug IMO Tier III compliant. While this is not a requirement in the Caribbean Sea yet, the company said it is in line with its commitment to promoting sustainability in the local and regional energy sectors.

“We take our role as a regional leader in sustainability very seriously, and actions speak louder than words. We seek to align ourselves with suppliers who share our values and Damen has always been forward thinking and responsive to our needs and objectives,” said Michelle Scipio-Hosang, vice president, port and estate management (Ag.) at NEC.

“The National Energy Resilience sends a clear message to our customers that we take our leadership position seriously and we look forward to working with Damen in the future on next-generation vessels powered by electricity and alternative fuels.”


The ASD Tug 2811, named ‘National Energy Resilience’ in recognition of the role it will play in delivering low-emission towage, has also been fitted with Damen Triton, Damen’s in-house remote monitoring software.

Triton gathers data from across the vessel and analyses it to deliver valuable insights into efficiency and operability to owners and operators via its web-based platform. For NEC, this will include insights into fuel consumption and CO₂, NOx and CO₂e emissions.

Combining this data with its operational profile will allow NEC to optimise the vessel’s operating profile, potentially reducing fuel consumption by up to 15 to 20%.

NEC is making the purchase in response to the increase in oil and gas exploration and production in the waters of the southern Caribbean, with its duties including rig relocation and other offshore operations. National Energy Resilience is NEC’s most powerful vessel yet with 60-tonnes of bollard pull.

“The choice for this vessel and the message that NEC has given with this purchase will set the tone for the years to come in the region,” said Bram van der Plas, Damen area manager Caribbean.