Portland Harbour Authority in Dorset, UK is set to benefit from a new pilot boat built by Goodchild Marine Services.

The Great Yarmouth based company will construct an ORC 121 for Portland Port as part of a broader investment the port is making to enable larger cruise ships and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships to berth alongside.

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Portland’s new pilot boat will help it welcome larger ships Photo: Goodchild Marine

“This new pilot boat is part of a wider investment in the port to enable us to react to the changes in the size and types of ships visiting our port,” said Capt Mike Shipley, general manager (Marine) for the Portland Port Group.

“Having researched the ORC range of pilot boats, including visiting ports that operate them, it gave us the confidence that our pilotage services will be enhanced which is good for the port and the visiting ships,” he added.

The ORC 121 features a beak bow hull design with minimal drag allowing speeds of up to 26 knots whilst increasing efficiency and reducing fuel use and carbon emissions. It also comes with Goodchild Marine’s Man Overboard Platform as standard.

This vessel, due to enter service in 2025, will be the third pilot boat of its class in the southwest of England built and supplied by Goodchild Marine in recent years.