Scotland-based firm Underwater Contracting (UCO) has boosted its fleet of ROVs with another six.

UCO owner Mick Bower started the company just five years ago with one small ROV, jhe told Maritime Journal – and already his fleet has grown to 49.

The vessels are deployed in aquaculture, oil and gas, offshore wind farms and used for hull inspections in locations as far away as Tasmania and as near as the North Sea.

UCO owns the vehicles and hires them out to customers, who then deploy them however they see fit – UCO will provide spares and support, but will have nothing to do with the actual project.

“We decided not to go for the projects themselves but support people doing the projects,” he said. “We have the ROV systems and the technicians, and at least £250,000 (€290,000) of spares, so the ROVs will never stop for more than 24 hours.”

Of UCO’s ROV fleet, 33 are Saab UK’s Seaeye Falcons, the remainder from various manufacturers and with a variety of different specifications.